Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'd like to thank the Academy...

Okay, so I go for the corn...everybody already knows that. :p So move past it. The important news is My First Award!! Tonya over at PuddinPop gave me the "Prestigious" Arte Y Pico Award (I had to look that up....cause I always think of it as the Pico de Gallo know, chilli and lime.....mmmmmmmm), which is like, you know, totally awesome, cause she is one of those people that makes me wonder when the heck am *I* going to grow up and become an amazing, super together Wonder Woman, too! :D She has 7 kids, and homeschools, AND still manages to out-create me!! I am working hard just trying to do my now *ONE* kid, and I STILL don't have her output! :p

Okay, so, the strings attached mean I have to pick five blogs of my own to pass it on to. Can I just go on the record right here and now that I believe if you have already gotten the award, you should put it on the sidebar, so people know, and don't double up?? Because the blogs I want to pass it on to are all so great, I have a really hard time believing none of them have been given this yet, but I have no idea how far down to search through their archives!!!

Anyway..on to the blogs:

Donna at Purple Kappa...she is just totally creative, and is in the same category in my head as Tonya...super together Wonder Woman. :p She's even teaching herself Japanese, too. Oh, yeah, AND she is unschooling her two kids, which, as a mostly unschooler myself, I can tell you is HARD!!! Did I mention Wonder Woman already??

Sara at Sadie Olive...I like pretty pictures, and she has them by the truckload. I am a sucker for pretty pictures everytime.

Small Hands..I don't know what her name is, and I am not really interested in quilting, which seems to be her main focus, but I have had her bookmarked for a couple of years, way, way before I ever even started regularly following blogs, because for some reason, she just strikes a chord with me, and I can't stay away.

Okay, so she only has four posts...and I only just discovered her this morning...and I don't know her name, either....but based on what I can see so far, I am going to be following her for a loooong time!!!'s Pintuck.

Nadia (I think), at One Silent Winter. She visited my blog a little while ago, and I was so bowled over by her images, I had to make a whole post about it. She puts into pictures and words, how I feel when I am not happy.

There ya go!! Five awesome blogs!!! I am sure you will find them just as splendiferous as I do!! :p


Sadie Olive said...

Thank you for my award! And the compliments. :) Congrats on your award too!

Donna said...

Thanks so much, what a lot of nice compliments, you've helped me start my day smiling and I've barely started my coffee!

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