Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fantasy world..

Nearly died when I first saw Sveta Dorosheva's work over on DudeCraft...I just want to live in her world. Isn't she A-MAZ-ING???? You can find her here. SO worth a click over and seeing her pictures in their entirety...she is illustrating books, and by that I mean, the whole thing, text and all. A-MAZ-ING.

Sveta Dorosheva

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A learning experience..

This here is a last glimpse of my most recent learning experience. I learned how to make ball headpins, using sterling wire and a propane torch (AWESOME!!! :D ). I learned to not just wrap at will, and pay attention, or you will end up uneven. I learned a photo will show you that it WASN'T your imagination, and something def was askew. And I learned I need to be more aware of earrings in my ear, even if they are so extremely comfortable, or I will never know when one disappears, and won't even know where to begin to look for it, esp if I went out all day, and then again all evening, wearing them. :(

They sure were pretty, though, weren't they? :)


Sister Sister Sunday

Monday, March 14, 2011


It's sooooo lovely to open your inbox and see that someone loves your work enough to give you an award!! :D And I got this one twice!! :happydance:

The first one is from Audrey, at A Day With a Domestic Engineer (love the name...I was a domestic engineer for years, lol!)..She has all kinds of cool projects, furniture remakes, etc. Check it out! :D

The second came from Tru, at Tru Tales Feats. Super talented in many different arts, and very understated about how she seems to be able to just do anything! :D

So, the rules...

1. Thank the givers. DONE.
2. Share seven things about myself.
3. Pass it on to 15 newly discovered bloggers (who the heck comes up with *15* as a number? Obviously not someone who has had to actually do that. :p We'll see how I go, lol. )
4. Contact them and tell them about it.

So. Seven things. Um.

1. I live in Hawaii. But I was also born here, and spent enough time in early childhood here before beginning my world roaming, to set my preferences. This temperature is what the world should be, imo. :D The water in the ocean should also be like this. When I was growing up, and swimming in various other oceans and lakes, this water is what I would dream about, cause this is "right". :P And I like the food here.

2. I like to dabble. I call myself a Jill of All Trades, cause I know a little bit of everything, but can't call myself an expert on anything. The closest thing I could say would be sewing, but even then, at this point, I am not even close. I need more large chunks of time to just immerse myself in figuring out how the heck to do this or that, and I rarely get that.

3. I am a salty over sweet kind of person. I don't mind sweets, but if I had to choose, I would choose savory over sweet anytime. It's my total downfall every time. The only exception would be cheesecake. Baked. Like my SIL made last night, and I am currently drooling over this morning. Scuze me while I go raid the fridge.

Okay, back. Let's continue. :D

4. I have never been farther east than Michigan. One day I am going to make it to NY. My ds shares that dream, and will murder me if I go without him. :p Of course, Europe is on the cards, and I will go with SIL...we are mutually agreed that we are not taking the Stick In the Mud..aka, dh. He would hate every min of being dragged all over every nook and cranny, and we would hate to have him complaining as we try to fit this and this and this in. :p

5. I like to have tabs open in my browser. A lot of them. Like, I had 73 open at one point. Drives dh, and pretty much everyone else who sees them, bonkers. But it's the only way I remember to ever get back to them and do what I planned on doing with whatever is on that page. God bless whoever invented tabs. Cause it used to be windows. One window open for every site. Talk about driving dh bonkers! :p

6. I like hot drinks. Even on hot days. I always get a hot latte, no matter what the temp is outside.

7. I am a laundry freak. I wash EVERYTHING. All the time. My laundry pile is generally out of control, cause I also line dry, and between limited drying hours, and Hawaii's propensity to rain randomly all the time (even on sunny days....there's a reason this is the Rainbow State), I can't dry fast enough to clear out everything in the pile before I add more. Too bad I loathe folding and putting away, though. THAT pile is also out of control. :p

There ya go. Seven random facts, showing off my weirdness. :D I know, I am a lost cause.

Okay, on to the *15* new to me blogs. Let's see how many I can do. :p

1. DIY Home Sweet Home Projects. Projects, ideas, style. Love it.

2. Attempting Aloha. Cool projects, neat ideas, oh, and she lives on my Island, so she understands the unique position of living in a crafting wasteland, and the shifts you need to go to to make things work. :p

3. The Tattered Tag. Awesome linkie party, and lots of cool ideas and projects. (Anyone notice a theme? I love places that give me ideas. :p I am not one of those people who read many blogs that just talk about life. You gotta be showing me something at the same time. lol )

4. DudeCraft. I have no idea if he would even care about receiving this award, but I found his blog recently, and it is sooo inspiring! :D

5. Amy's Show and Tell. Okay, I only found her last night, via my Sitemeter, which showed a click through from there, but what I found was awesome. Not the least cause she made a bench using my tut, and it is SO CUTE!!! :D

(Oh, man, only up to five, and I have to go out soon!)

6. Keeping It Simple. Tutorials, man. I'm all about the tutorials.

7. Welcome to the Good Life. There are two of them, Hawaii is involved, and she is fearless with her clothes remakes. :D

8. Girl In Air. Not sure there is anything this girl can't do, and luckily for us, she tells *us* how to do it, too.

Well, look at that...I got all the way to eight! :D Way to go me! :D

Okay, I am collapsing at the end of the day, my eyes are closing on me, and my computer is being weird, so I am packing it in. I'll tell all those guys they are here when I get up tomorrow. :P

I hope you all love the people I listed as much as I do! ::D

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Where are my links??

Anyone having a problem with linkies in Blogger? I have been adding buttons for all these linkie parties I have been joining, but looking down the list, I have all these blank gaps, with nothing in there, and I have been seeing over the last couple of days, a button will go blank, even though the link is still there..now those ones seem to be gone? What is UP??
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