Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I am not making another wristlet for a LONG time..

Yeah, so in the Sweatshoppe swap, out of 10, *6* people picked wristlets..two of them were the pink and orange polka dot one already shown, so I'll spare you:

Of course, I promptly made one more for another swap, along with this notebook cover...which I made from a Japanese pattern, with no instructions. :P

Magical metal clay..

Okay, so I finally went to a PMC 1-day course. O..M..G...This is THE MOST AMAZING STUFF EVER INVENTED!!!!!!!!! I am SO IN LOVE WITH IT!!!!! :D :D :D :D

Okay, I know they are kind of..boring..but I wanted to take advantage of having the kiln right there, and leave the class with a bunch of things I could actually use, like the little dangle charms to add to my jewellery clasps. And I didn't want to waste the whole class trying to perfect the perfect piece, and maybe coming out with nothing, like I saw some of the other people doing. Besides, I suck at clay modeling, so I knew I could spend HOURS trying to do something fancy, heh.

But aside from all that, this is the COOLEST STUFF EVER!!! :p :p :p Now I need to go blow all my money, and order a full set up to do it all myself. :D

Not quite totally Japanese hairpins...

I promised these Japanese hairpins to someone, and they were supposed to be made with vintage kimono fabric. When it came to it, though, I ended up using recycled Indian silk, cause, well, I didn't WANT to use the kimono stuff. :p I think they came out just as fantastic, though....

I used a Japanese pattern, though, so they are a *little* Japanese! :D

Dragons go with geishas, right?

I did this huuuuge swap, a Sweatshoppe swap, and I picked to do two sets...wth was I thinking??? That was 10 items...and then I signed up for 4 other swaps as well...ouch!

Hennyways...I made two more trinket boxes for it. Both done with the same techniques as the other geisha box. The geisha one has the same lining as the other one, too.

Ooh, and Tuesday gave me my first comment!! :P Nice to see you!! :D

Monday, February 12, 2007

Geishas are where it's at...

I was in a Geisha swap. I bought the trinket box, and then painted it, first with acrylics for the base, and then decorated with watercolor pencils, pen, and silver foil.

The inside is lined with re-purposed Japanese silk paper.

I also made a little purse. Outside is silk, with an inset of vintage kimono silk, and then line with a synthetic that just happened to match perfectly. The pocket is just attached at the sides, but not the bottom, like a little bag. I was really happy with how it turned out. I swear it is NOT crooked!! :P

I also sent along a little hairclip, also from kimono silk:

I was quite proud of my contributions. :D
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