Saturday, September 08, 2007

Have you noticed.... very much I like green??

I've always liked it. When I was younger, I liked a deep, clear emerald green.

As I got older, it morphed to a deeper, forest green.

Then I discovered how much I loved celery, and celadon, and moss.

Now, I love all greens.

Except maybe this.

Edit: Finally tracked down most of the credits for the pics I used....they deserve to be recognized.

Heart of Grass
Green Room


tara said...

I feel the same way about green. I was thinking about it today when I was deep in a forest and observing so many different shades of it.

That Borat photo cracked me up!

All Things Bright and Beautiful....Creative Flair Chic said...

dear Misc - thank you for the visit to my blog today! I love the second last shot here - beeeutiful green & there would be no green without Borat!!
I have to say - his movie is totally crass & grossly rude & there is no WAY I would sit in teh same oom as my mother & watch it - but there are bits in it that had me crying in hysterics!

Lilli said...

Heehee...I actually remember when my love of green began. I was watching The Wizard of Oz and I loved the Emerald city so much I said to myself "Green is my favourite colour!" I bought myself a little emerald over a decade ago and I wear it every day, although my favourite greens now are celadon, pistachio....yellowy greens

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