Saturday, May 31, 2008

Welcome, Miss Talika..

Welcome to the world, baby girl! After 7 days of labor, my newest niece was born via C-sec last night!!

This is the best pic I have right now, since 7 days of labor in the hospital and moving house during off hours at home has left everyone relatively fried. I can't even tell you if she has a middle name!!! :o

But she was 8lb 8oz, and looks remarkably like my ds when HE was, absolutely, completely adorable. She's not even squished and red. She IS amazingly alert and aware, though!! I watched her for a little while on webcam (bless this modern age!! :p ), and if I didn't know she had just been born less than 24 hours old, I would have thought she was a month or two old!!

Welcome to the world, sweetie pie!! Your diapers will be there soon!! :D

Friday, May 30, 2008

Way late to the party...

I saw this image over on Le Divan Fumoir Bohemian and had to find more of this person's work, Tim Walker....

Apparently, this is all old news, judging by the fact that almost all of the following pictures came from other blogs, lol.

I don't usually read high fashion mags, since I am uninterested in the articles, and I look at the pictures for inspiration, which are really hard to see clearly in most fashion photos, but apparently I have been missing out. :p

I adore the dreamlike fairytale quality about's what I also loved about Chris Craymer, and his fractured fairytale images.

When I visited his site, the first thing I saw was my favorite model Karen Elson featured...if you read her Wiki, and then poke around my blog a little, you might get why I immediately perked up and payed closer attention, lol.

Seriously awesome stuff. You need to click over to his site, cause I couldn't show even a fraction of all the amazing, fantastic images he has!!


1. Le Divan Fumoir Bohemian
2. Will You Look At That
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9, 10, 11. Foto_decadent

Thursday, May 29, 2008

How to save a YouTube video..

Okay, if you are like me, and just want to sometimes save a cool vid you see on Youtube, without all the fancy-shmancy gizmos that serious professionals use, here's what you do.

Find your vid...for the purposes of this demonstration, I call in everyone's favorite, Mr. Bean (click it..go on, you know you want to!):

First, go to the address window in your taskbar on the Youtube page, and rightclick-save the addy of the video you want to capture. (We will all ignore my stellar Photoshop skills.)

Next, go find an online converter, such as ConvertTube, KeepVid, or Vixy, or any one of millions of Youtube converters found in Google, rightclick-paste that addy into the little window they will provide(make sure you take out that http:// they already have written there before you paste the new one, or else it will get confused), choose the format you want (Mpeg is the basic video option...mp3 will just rip the audio off the vid, mp4 will be for ipod/iphone/psp, etc), and hit Convert and Download.

It will take a minute or so, depending on the speed of your connection, to convert the file, and then it will give you a button to push, to download the converted file. When you hit that, you will get your grey popup window for saving. Choose Save to Disc, and hit Ok.

Done. Go find it on your harddrive where your saved files go to, and play with your preferred player. I prefer a VLC player, but Windows keeps trying to convince me I want to use Windows Media. :p

Oh...little note. The vid will be a little smaller than what you see in the Youtube window. Not all technically sure why, but I am assuming it's because Youtube files are kept small, and stretched to fit the window, and when you dl it, it only shows small. You can expand it within your own player, though.

I am not touching any copyright issues..I am just saying how to save a vid before the person who has your favorite vid in their playlist deletes it to make space for a new one, which happens to me ALL the time, and is very annoying, thankyouverymuch.

Hope someone finds this useful! I sure did, the first time I started doing this, after losing some of my favorites, when people updated their lists and cleared old vids out. I freaked, lol, and immediately started searching for how to rescue the remaining before THEY were gone, too. And now you get the benefit of my net scouring. :p

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

How to make a covered button..

Making all these embroidered buttons, I might as well make a tutorial, right?? I have no idea if it's even of any value, though....covered buttons are ridiculously easy to make!

Okay, to start..I am using these kind of buttons. They come in two pieces, and you need to sew the fabric on. There are other, easier ones, that I like more, that come with a form you use, that just pops it all together, no sewing. I'll mention those later.

So, first...get your fabric ready. I am using a bit of embroidery. You can use anything you want, though..plains, or prints, whatever.

Center it and trace a circle around your image...I used this thread spool, because it just happened to be the right size, and you can peer through the middle hole to center it over the design, so you don't have to guess, and go all wonky.

Cut out your circle;

Sew around the edge;

Gather around the button, pulling tight, and knot off. (Here is where it would change if it were one of those kinds with the form, rather than would center the button on the fabric, and slip the whole thing into the form, and tuck the fabric to the middle)

Center the back piece over the shank; (do the same with the other kind in the form, tucking the fabric edges underneath)

And then center the hole of a thread spool over the shank, and push down *hard*, to get it to click in properly.

Done. :)

Now you can do whatever you want to with them. I made hairbands.

So...whaddya think?? Did it make sense?? If you were trying to figure out how to do these, and sat down in front of this with your supplies, do you think you would be able to successfully come out the other side with a covered button, using my instructions???

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A new life....

My sister is in labor....good luck, kiddo!!! :D

I, on the other of yesterday, I had three diapers sewn. Now I have a couple more. Good thing I wasn't making the newborn size, isn't it? :p

I don't even have the threads clipped. Lemme tell ya...diapers are a real creativity killer. I am getting NOTHING done while I avoid them, lol. Oh, well, time to get over it, and get sewing!! They are getting sent over on the 6th, and I still have a million to do! :o

M. Ward

My SIL sent me this vid...I don't know anything beyond that it is by M. Ward, lol.

It's a very cool little song, with a very cool little animation to go with it.

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Art of Illusion...

Have you seen Julian Beever??

Credit: All pics off Julian Beever's site.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

One Silent Winter..

I had a visitor to my blog last night...One Silent Winter..

Thank you so much for coming.

Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm still not a food photographer...

I updated the pic to the Grilled Tofu Foccacia Sandwiches, so it looks better, but I am still obviously not a food photographer. :p

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Unknown and unsung...

Once upon a time, I used to just save pics for my own personal inspiration, without a single thought that I might need to give credit in the future, before I had even HEARD of a blog. I DID save bookmarks, but they all got lost in the Great Crash of '07.

So, I have no idea who created these...I used to know by heart, but that was a while ago, and all I can think of is maaaayyyybe Michelle is in the name somewhere. But I really think it isn't.

ETA: Boy, Michelle was WAY's Wai Ching. :p

These would be staples in my wardrobe, if I had any excuse to spend that kind of money for clothes I couldn't actually wear all that much...except maybe that gorgeous jacket.

These would also be my ideal body shape, if, you know, I wasn't on the short side of average, not very willowy, and the victim of two C-sections. :p

Seriously...I live in Sydney. I have GOT to be able to come up with some good excuses to wear this stuff, right??
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