Monday, October 29, 2007

Test run..

So I broke out the cookbook tonight. I made the umm...can't remember what they were called. But they were asparagus, mushrooms, and feta in puff pasty shells. Verdict: yummy, but could have used something..we are thinking something onion-y, but mild, like leeks or something. Overall, though, it's a good start!

Topped off with cheating bought cheesecake. :p

Mucho apologies for the lousy pics. Picture taker I am NOT.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

I wish I could be random...

I want to be random. I mean, I want to be able to put pen to paper, and just add things, that come to a unified whole. Like the setting for this bunny.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Reading material..

Been buying a few books lately....

I was seeing The Dangerous Book for Boys around in the bookstores, but since my boy isn't really a reader, and dd wasn't spectacularly interested in getting a boy's book, I passed. But then I heard of The Great Big Glorious Book for Girls....Suki is over the moon. It's getting a bit of backlash as a giant step backwards for women's rights, scorn heaped on it for teaching girls how to make daisy chains and have a tea party. Whatever. My daughter is being raised to be whoever she wants to be, and by golly, she really wants to be a girl. I will teach her how to be a strong girl. But I draw the line at how to set a nice table for a teaparty. So not my thing. The book fills in nicely.

This cookbook looks amazing. The pictures are droolworthy, and the recipes look soo nice. And there are a lot of recipes that have no eggs, which, for a pastry and baking book, is almost unheard of, and therefore to be sought after! :p After this upcoming hectic weekend, I will be roadtesting it, and will give my verdict. :D

I have been seeing this book around, so I put an order in at my local poorly stocked bookstore, waited a month, and finally got it in. I am NOT disappointed. My fingers have been ITCHING to get into my own sewing room, and start organizing in beautiful ways. Trouble is, I have too much OTHER crafting I NEED to do, which I have to fit in to my limited free time.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Okay, this is as cool as I think it is, right? I went to the Salvation Army, and found four sewing and craft mags, with FULL pattern sheets! How cool is that??!!??

Clever Sewing and Craft 1997

Handmade Australia Sept/Oct 1987

Handmade Jan/Feb 1997
I actually bought this one when the kiddos were little....I think I still have it stuck in storage somewhere in Hawaii...

Neue Mode October 1981
In the original German, but with "Working English Instructions", lol. Man, the 80's could be really ugly!!! lol

Awesome haul, right? Right, right? :p
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