Monday, February 12, 2007

Geishas are where it's at...

I was in a Geisha swap. I bought the trinket box, and then painted it, first with acrylics for the base, and then decorated with watercolor pencils, pen, and silver foil.

The inside is lined with re-purposed Japanese silk paper.

I also made a little purse. Outside is silk, with an inset of vintage kimono silk, and then line with a synthetic that just happened to match perfectly. The pocket is just attached at the sides, but not the bottom, like a little bag. I was really happy with how it turned out. I swear it is NOT crooked!! :P

I also sent along a little hairclip, also from kimono silk:

I was quite proud of my contributions. :D

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Done By Tuesday said...

hey you ;) Love the stuff on your blog...I didn't even know you had one!!! I subscribed to your feed, so you are officially blog-stalked by me ;)
Love ya!

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