Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Oh, man, I'm going to Hell.....aka OMG OMG OMG!!!!!

So, I am busy trying to raise funds to haul me and the kids to California, to see my family, which is going to take a chunk, seeing as we gotta haul us all the way from Sydney, Australia. To that end, I was working over the weekend, for my FIL, doing floorsanding. I thought we were doing a food court, but when I got there, I thought it was the strangest looking food court I had EVER seen!

That might have been because it was actually COLLETTE DINNIGAN'S studio/factory!!!! I nearly died!! It was SO COOL!! I was standing right in the middle of where it all happens!! :D All the drawings, and mockups, and to-die-for swatches, pinned to the boards, with what must have been hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of trims filling shelf upon shelf; all the idea boards, the coming season's designs, etc etc etc...not to mention all the industrial machines and sergers!! I didn't even know where to look first, and had to seriously repress my desire to lose all dignity and start rummaging through the rubbish, rofl! As it is, I couldn't resist, I had to know...do world famous designers use some fabulous, special pins on their amazing fabrics?? Something us mere mortals only dream of? I had to do it...I stole a handful of pins out of the dustpiles under the machines to put them to the test. Therefore, I am going to Hell. But it's WORTH IT!!! :D :D

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