Friday, September 07, 2007

Makes me so happy to handsew....

I saw this tut by Heather Bailey last year, by way of Craftster, and had to try it...It's one of those things that, once tried, you wonder how the hell you ever got along without it, and wth has it BEEN all your life!!!??? It's THAT good. Everytime I have to make a knot to start another thread, I just get a thrill to be rolling it out. Yes, folks, it's been known for some time, I am a nerd.

Hennyways, flipping through old bookmarks, I found the link to it again, and geez, it's almost as thrilling to read it this much later as it was to read the first time!!!! :hahaha:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wow saw your link on aussie craft blogs thread on craftster. been loving reading through your blog. Oh I am a nerd about cool stuff too :) Will definitely keep visiting. You are so creative!

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