Friday, October 26, 2007

Reading material..

Been buying a few books lately....

I was seeing The Dangerous Book for Boys around in the bookstores, but since my boy isn't really a reader, and dd wasn't spectacularly interested in getting a boy's book, I passed. But then I heard of The Great Big Glorious Book for Girls....Suki is over the moon. It's getting a bit of backlash as a giant step backwards for women's rights, scorn heaped on it for teaching girls how to make daisy chains and have a tea party. Whatever. My daughter is being raised to be whoever she wants to be, and by golly, she really wants to be a girl. I will teach her how to be a strong girl. But I draw the line at how to set a nice table for a teaparty. So not my thing. The book fills in nicely.

This cookbook looks amazing. The pictures are droolworthy, and the recipes look soo nice. And there are a lot of recipes that have no eggs, which, for a pastry and baking book, is almost unheard of, and therefore to be sought after! :p After this upcoming hectic weekend, I will be roadtesting it, and will give my verdict. :D

I have been seeing this book around, so I put an order in at my local poorly stocked bookstore, waited a month, and finally got it in. I am NOT disappointed. My fingers have been ITCHING to get into my own sewing room, and start organizing in beautiful ways. Trouble is, I have too much OTHER crafting I NEED to do, which I have to fit in to my limited free time.

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lori marie said...

looks like a great batch of books! i'm dying to flip through the last one:)


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