Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Bubbles in my window...

I have a mission to fill my windows with bubbles. To that end, I buy more and more glass balls everytime I can. :p

My White Stripes buddy in crime has a hubby who crafts beautiful handblown glass..he fires up the kiln several times a year, and I am usually first in line, ready to go mad with my custom orders. They also have a new Etsy shop.

I also had to lash out on the vases! I custom ordered one, and he made two..I couldn't pick, so I got BOTH of them!! Don't they ROCK!? SO beautiful!!

The kids got in on the act, too, and ordered a buttload for themselves, too. They LOVE their glass. But this time around, the candy from the States almost trumped it.

And being the most generous person in the universe, she tossed in a TON of WS related stuff, and other goodies!! Limited edition LP's, mags from the US and the UK, CD's, and then my FAVORITE!! WS merch from the show she went to..could it BE any more perfect!!?? :D :D

A look at the whole box of loot (and there is MORE coming!!!!)

Even the dog got a treat..his new fort!!!

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All Things Bright and Beautiful....Creative Flair Chic said...

Dear Misc, These glass baubles are beautiful! Glad your pooch git some joy out of them too :-) Just wanted to thank you for your help on my kitchen post too - much appreciated!!

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