Monday, January 19, 2009

The true cost of safety..











Those prices listed are actual figures for how much each item will cost under the new act. Give or take a dollar or two, depending on how much the seller feels like trying to help the consumer and take a slight pay cut.

The fight is still on. We made it to #6 on the list to be presented to Obama on his inauguration, but it's not over yet. While there have been amendments to exempt second hand resale, and a very limited amount of natural materials, that still leaves every one of the items above as "toxic" contraband. Not to mention things like books...can you imagine if your local library or school had to recall and destroy their entire stock of books meant for under 12 year olds? As it stands, on February 10, that will have to happen. Give me a break. Meanwhile, yet another one of the wholesome, safe, European toy companies has pulled out of the US market. At the rate we are going, the only things left to buy for the children in our life will be a limited number of Made in China toys, because huge toy companies are going to be the only ones left who can afford to make anything anymore, and even THEY are going to be cutting down their selection to be able to afford to keep things running. Never mind that Chinese manufacturing is what got us into this mess in the first place.

The CPSA is urging Congress to clarify and amend the bill before it gets set in stone on the 10th. You can help push them by writing to your Senator urging them to get a freaking clue. Maybe use a little nicer language. :p Someone has GOT to wake up and use some commonsense!!!

For a more thorough look at what is happening, check out CPSIA-Central, and a really good article on Etsy.

Seriously, this has got to change. It's completely insane.

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Hoppo Bumpo said...

Those prices really hit home, about the catastrophe awaiting handmade market. I hope Australia never goes down the same path.

Stacy said...

It's insane, isn't? Right now it doesn't sound like it will be amended in time. The new President stopped all other legislation while they are working on how to spend our childrens' future. Fun stuff.

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