Sunday, June 07, 2009

Send me a song..

Does anyone think 213 bloglines feeds are just too many to leave unattended for 3 months? Yeah, me, too...sigh. If anyone is wondering why I haven't dropped by your blog in months, that would be why. I am trying to systematically read through them ALL, cause I refuse to miss out on a SINGLE THING all you fabulous people have been doing while I have been out of commission. But holy moly...some of you have over 200 posts unread!!!! What the heck!! I feel positively lazy. Sheesh. :p

Okay..on to my real post...

I want to hear something send me your song!! What are you listening to lately? What is catching YOUR fancy??? Tell me!

This one is Katie Melua...I love this version.


Jennifer said...

I've been loving Jason Mraz, I'm yours. It's not new at all, but I just really heard it recently and can't get over it :)

Clarity said...
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Clarity said...

Lol, I think I've only written five since you "travelled" so no excuses :)

I am listening to Baby Love by The Supremes, because it makes me smile :)

If you want a new song try "My Little Toy Gun", good video.

A-M said...

Just beautiful. Love your music posts! Welcome back! A-M xx

flossy-p said...

hehehe, god, I know how you feel. Keeping up with all my favourite bloggers is such a mammoth task too :)

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