Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Color personality..

GREEN: Because of its association with nature and foliage, green in design can be used almost like a neutral colour: greens never clash with red or pink roses, yellow sunflowers, lilacs or bluebells.

RED: With its aggressive, stimulating and sexy nature, assertive attention and provoking action, the red is impossible to ignore.

ORANGE: Inheriting some of the drama of red, orange is tempered by the friendly humour of yellow. It’s the colour that stimulates the appetite and radiates with warmth and vitality.

PURPLE: It’s perhaps the most enigmatic and complex colour, with the range of meanings – from royal to elegant to spiritual to mysterious. Purple is often favoured by very creative and eccentric people who are not afraid of appearing daring.

BLACK: People see black as the most dramatic, heavy, powerful, classic colour with an up-scale look. Because of its extreme contrast to white, black and white is the quintessential combination of depth and clarity, power and innocence.


Okay...I wear those colors, especially green, red and black, almost exclusively. I am not sure who is laughing, or the people who know me. :p


All color descriptions pulled from a very cool post on color over on InspirationBit.

1. Kris' Color Stripes (very cool blog..recommend it)
2. Not sure..if yours, let me know. :)
3. Lisa Ann via Absolutely Beautiful Things
4. Ali Loves Curtis
5. Bill Henson

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Tania said...

ooooh! I'd really, really like to be able to convincingly wear that orange dress. I think I'll pop it on the to do list for when I am way too old and crotchety to care what my friends say...

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