Saturday, October 03, 2009

Messy, messy housekeeping.., in my quest for the elusive 3-column template, I have managed to wipe..well, pretty much everything except the actual post content. So bear with me, folks...things are gonna be strange around here for a bit! :p

Oh, BTW, I managed to wipe my blogroll. Anyone want to remind me who is supposed to be on it?

Credit: Plan59


Jodie said...

Oh dear ! That is just what stops me from fiddling, what if I fiddle itinto oblivion

Its looking all 3 columned lovely right now though !!!

Donna said...

I pulled up a cached version of your page and got the blogroll, hope this doesn't post all wonky 8-)

* A Dress A Day
* A Heart In Provence
* Adolie Day
* Allsorts
* Ann Wood
* Another Day In Paradise
* art diary of amy sol
* Aunty Cookie
* Belle Epoque
* Bliss
* Bluelines
* Bugandpop
* Candy Hearts and Paper Flowers
* Crafting Japanese
* Craftlog
* Craftster
* Culturepin
* Curlypops
* Dearfii
* Dearkukula
* Decor8
* Design*sponge
* Freeancers Fashionblog
* Glittergoods
* Grosgrain
* Handpicked Handmade
* Haribol! (My Mama!)
* HELLO my name is heather
* Hidden In France
* Hippo Scraps
* Hoppo Bumpo
* House On Hill Road
* House That A-M Built
* I Heart Linen
* Inside a Black Apple
* je trouve mon coeur partout
* Jorth
* KeramCast
* Kimono Reincarnate
* Kirin Notebook
* La Fee Clochette
* La Joyeuse Errance
* La Porte Rouge
* La ti Da Baby
* Limonverde
* Linnea Paulina
* Little Gi
* Little Thing
* Live . Craft . Learn
* MadeByGirl
* Mettes Potteri
* MusicZeitgeist
* My Byrd House
* Nikki-shell
* Oh Joy!
* One Silent Winter
* Pink Chalk Studio
* Pintuck
* Pip Stitch
* Plumtickled
* Poppytalk
* Pretty Little Things
* Pretty Little Things
* Print+Pattern
* PuddinPop
* Purple Kappa
* Ric Rac
* Rose Hip
* Shim + Sons
* Small Hands
* Spagat
* Stardust Shoes
* Suzical: The Big List of Sewing Blogs
* That*Darn*Kat
* The Black Apple
* The Floss Box
* The Handmade Dress
* The Weather in the Streets
* Thimbly Things
* Tiny Happy
* Two Straight Lines
* Wiksten=made

muralimanohar said...

Donna, you LEGEND! :D The list is slightly old, but it's a fantastic start..but even better, you reminded me about the way-back machine, where I can remind myself what the heck used to be in my sidebar in the first place!! Woohoo!!! :p

Donna said...

Glad to be able to help 8-)

Leah said...

Wait, a three-column template? I've been wondering about that myself.

Your blog aesthetic is really looking lovely, by the way.

Maria said...

I wear an outfit exactly like that to clean...

Veronica said...

Hi, it seems like you have it sorted out now. New layout looks good.

Liz said...

I like the new layout...

corine said...

Boy, that Donna is ORGANIZED! Maybe she could tell me where my favorite lipstick went. I looked everywhere at home, in my purse, in the car....

Your layout is great this way. And losing things can be rejuvenating.

Ellie said...

lol I totally did that once :) You've just made me feel so much better! said...

Hey Murali

So great to hear from you!!
You know I want to be a blogger like you one day!
How are you doing??



McArt said...

Hey Murali

So great to hear from you!!
You know I want to be a blogger like you one day!
How are you doing??


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