Friday, February 19, 2010

Change me..

So I have a wallet. I like my wallet. It works perfectly for me. But, the change zipper pocket just broke recently, and I am over fishing up a handful of change combined with lint, old receipts, and stray cookie crumbs from the cookie one of the kids stuck in my purse and didn't tell me about, when I need to pay for something.

So, I decided I needed a cute change purse. I saw a tutorial in one of the emails Craft Stylish sends out (not sure why I am subscribed to it..I am sure I had a reason at some point!), for a coin purse, and remembered I had a coin purse frame in my stuff that I hauled over from Australia. Obviously, it was a sign. :p

The outside is a Kona Cotton print (I think), a stylized Asian parasol pattern, and the inside is an Amy Butler Lotus print that a friend gifted me at one point, for doing up my house. So far, the colors of it aren't working in the house, but it sure looks cute inside my coin purse, don't it?? :D

I basically followed the directions of the tut, which works up really quickly, drawing my own shape that I wanted rather than what they showed, but I am not 100% sure I am going to leave it at that. The frame I have is not one that you sew into, and the tut has you just glue the fabric in in those kinds; but I have also seen instructions where you crimp the frame around the fabric, with some kind of special tool. I don't have the special tool, of course, but I think I am going to give it a go with a well padded pair of pliers, and a little verrry gentle pressure. Wish me luck! :P

PS Never mind my crap photog skills...this is the second batch I have taken, on different days, and they still suck. I refuse to wait til more daylight to try again.


Polly said...

Those fabrics are so pretty! I have the same problem with wallets, mine isn't broken but I do tend to just stuff everything in it and then can't find the money when I need it. I'm interested to see how you get on with the purse frame as I have loads of bag frames I bought off ebay and haven't used yet as I'm too scared of ruining them.

muralimanohar said...

Polly-Yeah, this is waiting on me FINDING the stupid pliers that someone took out of the utility drawer and promptly lost. (Sad thing is, there is a good possibility that person was me. Argh. )

Appliejuice said...

The coin purse is so cute. I love Kona Cotton.

LimonVerde said...

Nice handmade wallet. i love your wallet too ;)

elementalfibers said...

I totally love this. Great work.

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