Sunday, May 02, 2010


When I was a kid, periwinkle was one of my favorite colors, with the best name. It gave me the same feeling that I got when reading Anne of Green Gables. 

Then I grew up, and discovered periwinkles were those same flowers I knew by the name of vinca, that I hated, cause they were scraggly and smelled yucky. Damn.

But now I have one growing in my backyard, in the middle of the lawn (rather, off to the side, under the shade of a mandarin tree), and I defend it with extreme vigor. Dh would love to mow it down; polls of random friends show they agree with him, ds is constantly eying it with hedge trimmers, or samurai sword, depending, in hand; I have to literally put a barricade around it out of sawhorses mowing time, to save it.

I dunno why..for some reason, that spot of color in the middle of the lawn, growing against all odds, makes me happy. I've almost forgiven it for not being the periwinkle of my dreams.


HELLO my name is Jill said...

oh I didn't know they were called anything but vincas! Not my favorite but one of the only flowers that can take our intense heat so sometimes they get planted anyway.

p.s. i like your necklace hang-up! Such pretty paper!!

Liz said...

I love Anne as well. She had such a good way of looking at the world...

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