Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Red it...

I saw a pic...I needed a bench for next to the pool (no, that is not the pool area..but the pool area was a mess from visiting kids..the the nearby greenery stood in)...upshot, I made one. Yes, I am very proud. :p

It's bright red, cause 1. I love red. 2. It looks great against the aqua theme happening outside. 3. I had a whole gallon of high shine red paint spare, that someone gave me. I'll leave you to decide which was the deciding factor.  

The pitcher holding the lemonade, I got for free. I don't know how old it is, but it's aged, and stained, and crackled, and I LOVE it. I wish more free stuff came like that. :p  

I took pics the whole step of the way, so you guys are getting a tut for it, whether you like it or not. :p 


Polly said...

I wish I could make furniture! That is so cool!

Ulla said...

Fabulous! It looks so folktalish! Perhaps you will have gnomes swimming in your pool at night?

Skitzo Leezra Studio said...

Y'know, I thought I was a follower of your blog and you were just slacking . . .but today I noticed an old comment of yours on my blog today so looked you up. Oh my, I have a lot of catching up to do! Just one quick scroll down and I am happy to have find you very busy and most definitely not slacking.
Cute bench!
(Now following you on my Google reader so as not to miss a one of your adventures.)

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