Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sand Dancing..

Dh hauled me to the computer one day, and told me I had to see something...

This guy in New Zealand, who makes sand art..

Using a rake and a stick, and no other tools..

And comes out with this incredible art, in perfect scale and proportion..

He creates them at low tide, every week..

And watches them disappear again as the tide rolls in..

His nickname is the Sand Dancer, and honestly, seeing the graceful swirls, loops, and curves, I think it is extremely fitting..

Seriously, how the heck do you do THAT with a stick and a rake????

Or THAT without a giant calibrating tool of some sort??

He's been doing it 13 years or so, and has created over a thousand works of art. I hope he continues making many more.

You can see an awesome vid about him, by filmmaker Valerie Reid, here:

And read a cool interview with Valerie herself here


1 comment:

Jill Ison said...

that is incredible!

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