Thursday, December 27, 2012

Day 1..

I went on a trip a couple of months ago. My Awesome In-Laws were going, and decided to take me along. How could I refuse...

Straight off the plane, a quick shower (cause SERIOUS grime after 20 hours of travel!), and we were out on the streets...

Just strolling past the River Seine..I mean, COME ON..this was the stuff of poetry and song..and there I was..

And of course, right on the river, Notre Dame. This was about 1-2 blocks from where we were staying. It felt surreal just saying that. We walked past it ALL the time, cause it was on the way to almost everywhere we went. Did I mention surreal??

My mom's first comment when she heard I was in Paris was TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES OF THE ARCHITECTURE!! So I did. (If you are wondering why that was her first comment about it, it would be because I basically told NO ONE I was going, and just..left. I was NOT going to jinx myself!! As it was, it got pretty close!)

The cafe nightlife was big...seemed half the city ate out every night..

Yes, this is a pic of me, looking slightly shellshocked, partly from a 20 hour trip over from Hawaii; and partly cause I was standing in the courtyard of Notre Dame, a place I had til that point pretty much only heard about in relation to hunchbacks. Insane. 

I found this in my folder of pics from the first night...I cracked up when I saw it, and then refused to have anything to do with it...I had not flown halfway around the world, to the City of Lights, to drink Florida OJ. No matter how fancy it looked written in French.

I stayed in Paris for 7 days, and then went on to the next destination...give me a chance and I'll get all the days up! lol


Katherine Carino said...

Okay, here's one of the reasons I said that:
"How long did it take to build the cathedral Notre Dame?"
"About 182 years, beginning in 1163 and ending in around 1345.

Manjari said...

Is that troubled apple juice? Pardon my lack of French.

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