Saturday, May 31, 2014

Paris Day 3 pt2: Movies, fashion, and a whole lot of Seine..

More random wandering through Paris..starting with the Jewish Quarter, the Marais..

Selfie by the Seine..

Because of course you bring a piano to the Seine...

A genuine fashion shoot in Paris...who cares if it's a bunch of guys; it's still a fashion shoot in Paris!!
(Next to the Notre Dame, natch..)

I have a whole bunch of pics of this statue..I took a bunch cause I was really bored, waiting..
(Statue de Sainte Geneviève, on Le pont de la Tournelle..if you are wondering..)
(Don't know why this is suddenly tinted green here..)
(I hate Macs..)

Reason I was bored: Some movie being filmed, and they shut down the street for 15 min intervals while they filmed some scene or other..No, I didn't bother finding out which film to track it down and watch, cause I was too over the standing and waiting. Plus, the crew member blocking pedestrians looked grumpy..

Now...let's see how long it takes me to get Day 4 up..

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Liz said...

Such fun!

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