Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tough choices....

Okay...so...serious consideration here.....which do you think I could get away with wearing on an everyday basis? Seriously. Cause these are SO FREAKING GORGEOUS, I would NEED to wear them on an everyday basis.

Dior Spring 2007 Couture Collection. Of course.


Jaye said...

I agree!!!

Why don't people in movie award nights wear dresses like this? Instead they go for the skanky, or boring!

Hmmm... =)

muralimanohar said...

That was my exact thought!! Why don't they wear these?? If there were ANY situation where they could get away with it, it would be there! And they aren't even way far out or anything..just unusual! What is wrong with these people!!! :lol:

Done By Tuesday said...

I agree!! I would LOVE to see something like this going down the red carpet...or heck, down the sidewalk up town!! *swoon*...they're stunning. I love them both equally I think...I'm trying to pick a favorite, but I just can't. LOL

Paperdaisies said...

They're gorgeous! I really do wish people looked like that all the time. It'd be like a costume party...forever!!

You reminded me of some random fashion show pictures that I have on my computer...I'll post 'em on my blog later.


Becka said...

I like the blue one. wuldn't wear it every day though. I would frame it.

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