Monday, February 11, 2008

Catching up...

This first outfit was a WIP...aka, I cut it out for my niece when she was 7...she's now 10. :eyeroll: Luckily for me, I have a friend with a little girl the right size, so I have someone to give it to, and FINALLY get it out of my sewing piles!!!

It's Ottobre 1/2005 design 16 & 17. I lined the pockets and hems with the fabric of the top, and made the beltloops out of the same fabric. I didn't do the little ribbon decoration they did, cause I couldn't find the right width in the right color, so I just added a little bow, which DOES look better IRL! Disclaimer: I DID go to iron it, but an ant colony had moved in, and I kept steaming out these soggy ants! Ugh!

A close-up of the hem detail...ignore the fact that sewing straight evenly is NOT my forte!

These dresses started out as tops, with little cap sleeves. They are Ottobre 2/2005 design 11, made with baby cord, rather than the poplin they suggest. The first has little sequins and beads scattered amongst the flowers.

The second was made from this supersoft Laura Ashley babycord I got in St. Vinnie's, 4 yards for $10...bargain!

I had to redraft the sleeves, and draft the skirt on, and having no 6 yo around to try it on, I really, really hope it fits the intended recipient!! And the ribbon is a soft celadon, not yellow like it looks in the pics. I hate yellow. :p

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