Monday, February 11, 2008

Orange and Brown..

I love warm, fall colors...they are my colors. They are also the colors of my friend, and since I am making her a new purse, I used them for her, too.

Brown babycord, with a cotton print on the flap. I did and pocket on the flap with a slot zip, which did give me fits, though it came out relatively okay. I made the strap a SMIDGE too wide, and sadly, it shows. Oh, well. I salvaged the clip and slide thing off an insulated picnic bag which had gotten trashed. Pattern is my own. Ignore the wrinkles from being squished in a bag to mail off, and then encountering the ant-laden iron.

Lined with synthetic lining material from my stash that happened to match perfectly. A couple of small pockets inside for cell phone or whatever.


Lilli said...

Cute! It's a nice size, and has a friendly hip profile :)

acaligurl said...

i love your side show of pictures. the green dress is lovely!

LimonVerde said...

This bag is very well done, good job ;)

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