Sunday, August 31, 2008


I discovered people coming into here, via a blog I hadn't heard of before..turned out, I had been put in her blogroll!! On poking around a little more, I am SO flattered she likes my site enough to tell others about it!! Thank you, LuYi!

(A slight disclaimer...this blog is not child friendly. Don't open it when your kids are on your lap. Or in the room.)

All via Some Required:
1. Lillian Bassman
2. Peter Lindbergh
3. Elisabeth Moch
4. David Lane
5. Olaf Martens
6. Abless'
7. Unknown
8. Joy Division (Side trivia..I had this shirt when I was younger, and LOVED vanished somewhere, as things do in life..)


onesilentwinter said...

what a gorgeous colection of photographs, ilov ethem all-but for some reason the no one knows me stands out...

Sasparilla Sue said...

The headless statue/mannequin pic freaked me out for a millisecond but then I realized it was a statue and I'm ok now.

luyi said...

Ha, it's interesting to hear that my blog is not child-friendly! :)

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