Thursday, May 21, 2009

Crossfront Tut coming...

I made this ages ago, for demonstrating a tutorial on how to make a crossfront swing top out of a basic t-shirt pattern (I hope there is interest for it, cause I've already done most of the work! lol). Apparently, I missed a couple of pics of the construction, so the tutorial is on hold til I track the outfit back down (because I went and gave it away BEFORE organizing all my pics) and retake them. In the meantime, here is the outfit.

It used to be an Ottobre toddler knit t-shirt. Now it's a woven crossfront swing top. It fits perfectly on the recipient. I am so proud. :p

The shorts were also Ottobre, but one, I don't remember which ones, and I can't check cause they are all stuck in storage somewhere, and two, I resized them up about two sizes, and then changed them up a little, so the pattern number is almost irrelevent by now.


Leah said...


Momo said...

Great job! Love it. Good to see you back blogging. Missed reading your blog!

Clarity said...

Hey, welcome back :)

That looks very summery, I like the blue of the shorts too

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