Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's good to be reminded occasionally..

Okay, it's an ad..but that doesn't change that it is an exceptionally nice reminder of the things that really matter.

Absolutely Beautiful Things via Wide Open Spaces


Leah said...

That really is very nice.

Soulful, really.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that IS nice. First I had seen it. I think I will click on the link and find out where it was published. And then go buy something from Tiffany. Well, maybe not. I think the point is, though, in hard times, dignity is still, if not even more, important. It's hard to maintain that dignity, when some people are cheating and lying and stealing just to survive. Don't stoop to it, is what this says to me. We were just cheated by our bank we have been at twenty years. They inexplicably dropped the interest on our little nest egg, which is all we have--no house or anything, when we had always qualified for and been receiving interest at twice that rate. They restored it after I noticed the problem after five months, but they have given me no apology or explanation. Restaurants are cheating, too, charging for larger sizes than I have ordered, just to make a few cents more. Why would the bank do that to finance the interest rates for new customers and risk losing an old one? Why would a restaurant risk losing a customer for 35 cents? Why do people have no dignity or decorum or honor anymore? You know, if it's all we have, it wouldn't be so bad.

muralimanohar said...

Anon..Yeah, this economy seems to be bringing out the best and the worst of people. It's very interesting to see.

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