Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy 4th..

Happy Fourth, peoples. I was going to make a post about lucky we live in a country that is basically free, no matter how much people like to complain about it; but after pages and pages of nasty, meanspirited stuff, on both sides, while looking for some images, Calvin is about all I feel like right now. Lucky he's a cute lil guy, huh? :p

Credit: Vanelsas


Jennifer Juniper said...

I love this cartoon. It really captures the spirit of childhood!

janet said...

Hello there! Thanks for your support over on Hope Studios blog...some of those comments really mad me mad and I could not help myself...gets me in trouble sometimes ;-) What a wonderful surprise to pull up your blog and see my all time favorite cartoon duo..Calvin and Hobbes!! I love them and miss that cartoon terribly. You have a great week and I will be back!
your friend,
Janet xox

janet said...

So do you live in Hawaii or Australia???
I love your blog..I am having fun browsing through the archives!

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