Monday, July 26, 2010

I received a lovely, lovely blog award from Polly over on pollyfranceselizabeth! She has a very cute blog, that I find to be a very interesting peek into her world over in England..with a good dash of Japanese love thrown in. :p

Okay, rules are:

Name ten things I like:

The beach


A good cup of tea

Making things

The smell of garden flowers in the morning

Jeans that fit


Jewellery-lots of it-silver

My own space


And, tag ten other bloggers:

Everyday Tuesday


Magnolias and Sunshine 


Arty Lovely 

Slightly Obsessed 

Toasty Toes

The Weather in the Streets 

Alright..I've got eight...and I've run out of time. It'll have to do. :p

It's nice to be liked! :D Same as it's nice to look at my sidebar, and realize 40 whole people like me enough to actually FOLLOW me!! Who'da thunk??? :p


flossy-p said...

YAY! Thanks for the tag! I shall start creating a list... :)

annekata said...

Mmmh, I haven't responded to your tag. I'm flattered, but prefer to pass, as I find it difficult to tag additional people/bloggers. Hope you understand. Your blog, the tutorials, finds and your thoughts are very inspiring.
Best, Kathrin

Leah said...

Thank you Miss M! I will get on it...


Veronica said...

Thanks! I'll ponder my list while im on holiday.

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