Monday, December 03, 2007

Love it..

I love when a favorite band comes out with a new album. It's like a big Christmas present come early. :p The Killers' new album is fast becoming my favorite on my shuffle rotation. Since there aren't any Youtube of the new songs that I love, I'll give ya one of my current faves from Hot Fuss. Since I have no real crafts to post. Cause I am having to keep them all hidden. Hmmph.

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LimonVerde said...

I realy feel the same ;)
Now my favorite writer has a new book, Jean-Christophe Grange. I look forward to get it, as a Xxmas gift to me from myself ;)

PS: Thanks for your comment to my easy made necklace, i would like to see yours too, if you have a link of it.


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