Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ninja chef...

So here's the finished product of this:

It was for a guy who is a chef, and loves ninjitsu, and martial arts in general. Like I know what to make for a guy?? SO paranoid I was just going to come off as mega loser-y...cause, you know, I am seriously a dorky person at heart. It's an apron, just basic, and was being a bitch to photograph, so ya just get the cool part, anyway. Apparently he liked it, though, so *whew*. We won't talk about all the cursing that went into it...I HATE binding edges, and it shows. Oy.

Also came with matching potholders.

Made them kingsize, cause it's one of my biggest peeves trying to grab hold of a hot pan without singing my fingers cause the potholder is basically for prettifying your kitchen. Lined with a couple layers of toweling to keep it thick. Hope it works, heh. I was going to quilt around the images for definition, and spent all evening while watching a movie going around one of them by hand, and then ripped it all back out cause it looked terrible.

I am just hoping the idea is cool enough to overlook my very dodgy work. Shocking.

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Wow! I'm neither a chef, nor into martial arts weaponry, but these are just AWESOME.

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