Sunday, November 09, 2008

Heeelp meeee!!!!

Does ANYONE know who did this shirt from the (really terrible) movie Bulletproof Monk???

You can click the pics for a better view, but they still stink...and they were the ONLY reasonably decent ones I could find ANYWHERE on the net!! The back of the shirt is just as cool, though...the ties loop around the back, and crisscross, looking SO cool. I WANT THIS SHIRT! :wah:

All I can figure out is that the costume designer for that film was Delphine White. But that is helping me absolutely in no way. :( Does anyone recognize it?? For their sakes, preferably because they know the designer, not because they had to sit through two hours of terrible movie?? :p


Okay, I am really bombing on the Thirty part of Thankful for 30, know. I'm flaky. :p

Today I am thankful for a quiet Sunday.

1, 2.


flossy-p said...

sorry, i don't know :(

Mary-Laure said...

Can't help you but the shirt IS really great, though.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Sorry, I'm no help either, but it is a super-cool shirt! Ahhh... if only stomach still looked like that....

Lilli said...

You can totally make this yourself! I'm sure you can figure it out, with all of your sewing skills. The fabric looks like a fine wool to me. If it were me wanting to make one, I would go to Goodwill and buy a jacket, cut it high across the front, adhere a layer of some cool gauzy fabric to the backside of the front edge, and sew ties onto the front. It looks like the ties are long enough to wrap all the way around and tie in front.

Good Luck!

Jaime said...

Sweet shirt, wish I had her tummy to go along with it. *sigh*

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