Sunday, November 16, 2008


I am not really about matchy-matchy...and definitely not with a doll. But I am not a 7yo girl. :p

Ottobre #..11, I think? From 2/2005. Redrawn into a longer tunic style, with a flared hem. And made the elastic on the front into a cased elastic that continues all around.

And because it's a present for a little girl who loves her American Girl, I made a matching outfit. I took the free drop waist, set in sleeve dress pattern from here, to use as a base, and then completely redrew it into this..raglan sleeve, peasant dress. :p I am not COMPLETELY happy with how this turned out; there are a few tweaks that needed to be ironed out, which I did, on another little outfit, to be posted when I get pics. But 1. it was overall fine, and 2. it was all the fabric I had left of the pink stuff, to make it matching, which was the point in the first place. So it stays.

Oh, yeah, I made the jeans, too...took the bloomers from dd's Josefina doll, lay them down and traced, and then redrew them as narrower and longer legs, for jeans. They fit PERFECTLY. I am so proud. :p I've made two pairs now, one for this outfit, and one for the next one coming. By the second time, I remembered to topstitch the legs BEFORE sewing up the inseams. Just works so much better that way. lol Oh, and, since I used an old pair of cheapy, thin jeans, I was able to use the hem as hems for these, so it has that nice, washed denim hem look. I really like these. If you can't tell. :D


Today, I am thankful for a line full of clean, sterilized, extremely cute vintage sheets, just WAITING to be busted into. :p


CurlyPops said...

I love that! A perfect gift idea for little girls.

Mary-Laure said...

Cute, cute, cute!

Tonya said...

Both the tunics came out great! I am very impressed with your jeans as well ; ) I spent yesterday making doll clothes too, from a Wee Wonderfuls pattern. Is it just me, or is it *really* difficult to set in sleeves on teeny tiny doll clothes? I was saying ugly words trying to do this yesterday lol

muralimanohar said...

Er, Tonya, you're not trying to set them in in the round, are you?? You're doing them flat, and sewing up the sides, right?? :D

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