Monday, February 02, 2009

Green with envy..

Sometimes, you are watching a movie, and you see a costume that catches your breath, and you have to hit pause, and rewind a couple of times to get a better look, and if you REALLY want it, you might try a google to see if you can find out where you can get something like it yourself.

Or you might be one of those people who see it, want it, and then go out and MAKE it.

They do things like screencap it from all angles...track down every promo pic they can all interviews that might mention it..go to exhibitions where they are and try avoid being arrested as they practically fall over the railings, trying to take better photos..

They find the original suppliers, they track down craftsmen who made certain some instances, they actually form co-ops, and get one of a kind fabrics, or things, remade, so they can be as authentic as possible.

If you ARE going to try to duplicate it yourself, you can just dive in yourself, and start researching..places like the Designer forum at Craftster are a good place to get advice and/or tips to get a headstart. Or, you can head straight to sites like Costumer's Guide, or Sunday Couture..the details they come up with are phenomenal!

It's not just period costumes, either...Anyone up for knitting a pair of Bella's mittens in Twilight?? :p

Or what about that incredible, fabulous Roland Mouret Galaxy dress that was the IT dress to have last year??

Check out what EricaB came up with!

(I read Erica's blog religiously, and wanna be her when I grow up. She is AMAZING with her sewing skills! :p )

Now, if someone can just direct me to a place where I can find better info and more pics for THIS top! :p

1, 2, 3, 5, 6. Costumer's Guide
4. Heritage Inlay Design UK
7. Xmel
8. EricaB via Craftster
9. Allmoviephoto


Leah said...

The green dress, the shoes--haunting. Great post, Murali! It's funny but I just did one tonight on my favorite clothes...great minds, I suppose!

alis said...

Haha I didn't know people went to such great lengths for this :) I too was struck by that green dress, despite keely green being my least favorite color. The costumes that got me rewinding a couple of times to make sketches were Demi Moore's coats in "Half Light". She wore a number of breathtaking coats in that movie. Great post :)


Stacy said...

I read Erica's blog, too. SHe is such a great seamstress! Oh, and if you can pull off that top or that green dress I am so completely jealous. :)

Thanks for the compliments, too. I do watch CSI and that made me feel ultra good!

Erin said...

oh gosh, i want that dress. what a fabulous post.

Lucy said...

Don't you even worry, I have been known to do that with aprons I see in old and new movies. I obsess over them till I have figured them out on paper. I just don't ever get time to make them but I do have a nice stack of Maybe's stacking up on my newly cleaned desk.

luyi said...

such a great post.

maybe i will wear green tomorrow!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I love that green dress. I'd so love to be able to look at a piece of clothing and to be able to make it.

Pherenike said...

OMG I love that green dress. Im clipping it and adding it to my wedding dress file. Thanks.

flossy-p said...

I never knew there was such a place as the Designer Forum! What a cool thing.

That green dress is amazing, so liquidy at the bottom.

And I remember you showing us that cool wrap around japanese bolero jacket before. I agree, if you put your mind it it, you'd be able to make that! :)

souffle said...

Oh, I know where the green top (at the last picture) is coming from. Am I too late? :p
It's traditional Korean costume, called Hanbok. (it's a bit modified, but still...)
If there's Korean market nearby, you might find it easily.

muralimanohar said...

Souffle-Hey, you're right! It's a good place to start...the shape is right. Now, I just need to figure out how to do the cup shaping on the front, and I am good to go! :p

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