Saturday, April 26, 2008

Designer duds....

I would like to take a moment here to thank my Grandma for the Christmas gift she gave me this year:

Without that lethally sharp pair of scissors, which have me living in fear for my fingers, there is no way I would have survived cutting out 40 sets of liners and soakers for the 40 diapers I am making for my sister's coming baby. And I haven't even got to the outer fabrics, inner fabrics, and pocket fabrics.

And what makes them designer?? So, I am whaling away on the huge stack of thick towels I am using (all from St Vinnie's, soaked for a day in Napisan, and then a week on the line in sun and thunderstorms...these things are CLEAN), and then one is a terry robe...I have the whole thing chopped up, almost completely used up, and I reach the right front:

Yepp, that classy little logo is somewhere in the stack of cut out bits, destined to be wrapped around a baby butt. Living it up, I tell ya...

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