Saturday, April 05, 2008


So...I started an inspiration board, for several reasons. One is, I am totally visual, and I really wanted everything that inspires me up in one place where I can actually see it and be reminded of it. Two, I have a million pages ripped from mags, a million more images saved on my harddrive, and bits and pieces all over the place that I love, and just never remember exists, because I never see them.

So I started putting the ones that inspired me the most, the ones that made me itch to go make something, up onto my board (which, btw, is totally warped and about to fall down, lol):

After awhile, I realized, I wasn't putting up a crafty inspiration board; I was putting up a picture of whoever the heck is lurking in my head. Who is this person, and how bizarre is she???? I am a simple, basic, no-nonsense kind of person, very normal. So why do I seem to have a bizarre infatuation with bondage and restraint


and hidden faces??

It's been very interesting discovering what grew on my board. I don't feel like getting psycho-analyzed, though...I have a feeling I wouldn't like the results! :p

Here's a pic of the whole corner....I refuse to show what lies six inches below's scary :p

Credits: This is going to be spotty, since most of them are ripped out of mags a long time ago, for my own inspiration, never meant to have to credit.....

The orange corset was on Craftster, I think, a couple of years ago.

The red shoe is out of the Aussie InStyle, Bloch Shoes.

The mega corset belt was out of Aussie InStyle, too, I think, from a catwalk pic. I dunno who.

The decayed green pic I blogged here, and the credit goes to Murderdoll17

The face with dark eyes, cut from...I am not sure which mag. Maybe InStyle. Was an ad for something.

The pic of Coco Chanel in black and white was in a Chanel advertising mini magazine thing.

The headless floating girl was a card by Sonya Pletes.

Anyone, feel free to drop me a line if you know who else deserves credit here!


All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

M. you - yes - you guessed it - made me laugh :-) I love how you're psychoanaylsing your inspiration board!! :-)

branwyn aka madhouse mauly said...

i love them all, every single one. do you think maybe we were separated at birth?

poppy said...

interesting perspective and board

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