Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lavender and Green...

I have a friend online. I became her friend by becoming her #1 fan on the forum we were on. :p She has the most amazing posting style, and following her trains of thought is an exercise in brain training....she is eclectic, super smart, self and very well educated, a homemaker by choice and design, and yet putting herself through college, as well. I just follow her around just read her, even if the topic of the post has nothing to do with me. lol

Anyway..being a SAHM and all (that's stay-at-home-mom to the laymen), naturally, things like aprons become a consideration. The topic came up, 3 pages of posters weighed in, many pictures posted, and she still didn't have an apron. So, I decided to make her one.

I am hoping she likes the style...all I managed to get out of her is that she likes lavender and green. I used the strawberry fabric I used here, and copied an apron I got in a swap with Kitten_Wrangler. I did a shocking job, I gotta say. Esp after she sent me an 8 page, handwritten letter, with illustrations, talking about techniques used by French seamstresses, among other things. How embarrassing. :p

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