Sunday, January 13, 2008


OMG, I won again!!!!! :jawdrop: Man, I am a relatively new intro to the blogging world, and have only just gotten really into following other blogs, thanks to Bloglines, and what an introduction I am getting!!! :D :D

Check out the ADORABLE prize I won from the wonderful wonderful Beata!! Suki, the aforementioned 13 yo dd, is practically ripping me away from the screen to get a better look. :p

When I saw them on her blog, I was SOO impressed with the incredible neat- and even-ness of her I get a chance to get up close and personal with one...I can't WAIT!!! :D :D

Thank you so so so much, Beata!!!


LimonVerde said...

Very well done shot.

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

They are sooo cute AND what a great shot! I see talent talent talent there!!

Hey! Thanks for sharing about blog lines too!!!

I must check it out!

muralimanohar said...

Yikes, I think I need to clarify, that is BEATA'S shot, not mine! I just swiped it off her post! But aren't they ADORABLE????

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