Thursday, January 03, 2008

Oh! Oh! Speaking of small world!

So instead of getting me the Patchwork book I was asking for, my lovely, lovely SIL got me gift certificates to Kinokuniya..woohoo! And then dh gave me a day to myself to go out and do whatever I I spent almost 3 hours hunkered on the floor of Kinokuniya, browsing the Japanese craft section!! :dancingdancing: I came away with four books:

ISBN 978-4-408-62831-8, aka Who the heck knows cause it's all in Japanese, a language I know absolutely nothing about (the names of various noodles do not count, imo!!) It's not even adapted for Westerners, and must be read from back to front. Cool. :p It works pretty much along the lines of Burda, et al, except for SO much more guesswork, since I can't even TRY to translate with the seriously dubious Babelfish or whatever, lol. The patterns are all simple, though, and completely within my abilities to assemble, once I get past the hurdle of avoiding cutting out pattern pieces from 5 different unrelated garments, all in different sizes. :p
(Edit: According to Donna of Purple Kappa, this one is called
Simple Fall/Winter Sewing)

ISBN 978-4-408-62817-2 This one has trendier patterns, pretty of the moment, which is thrilling dd...also simple enough to figure out (eventually!), and same line as above...I think it might actually be mag, like Burda, too: (Simple Spring Sewing, says Donna)

Something or other Book, aka ISBN 978-4-8347-2443-1 It's a hat book..someone French blogged about it here ...I mention French, cause I can't read that, either, and therefore STILL have no useful info to share. :p But maybe you do, and then you are set. :D So, anyway, very cute hats. Really like them. Except after I was halfway home, I discovered that one of the above mags already have BOTH patterns I really liked in them...I could have put the hat book back, and bought ANOTHER book!!! I was leaning towards Basics for Girls, but then put it back...dumb dumb dumb!! Oh, well....just means I need to make another trip, huh? *crowing*
(Donna: Handmade Hats)

And then Simple Chic, ISBN 978-4-579-10961-6 by Machiko Kayaki. I've been wanting this one for AGES, and I finally have it! :D :D Also French-ly blogged.
(Lastly but not leastly, courtesy of Donna, Dress-Up Dress-Down. Thank you, Donna! :p )

All in all, a pretty satisfying haul. I like satisfying hauls. :D

Oh, yeah...small world and all that. So, I am standing there in Kinokuniya, after hitting Spotlight, the local Ye Olde Discount Fabric Chain around here, and another lady there notices our mutual fabric, wait...prudent stockpiling tendencies....and strikes up a conversation, in which I quickly discover she is none other than Sue of McArt, who I had seen a few weeks ago featured on Sew Mama Sew!! So very cool!! I also discovered that her output (seen via her Flickr link) completely puts mine to shame, and quite embarrasses me, lol.

Very awesome to meet such a cool lady, and such a small world to stumble on someone you sort of "know" out of the vast WWW community!! :D


Donna said...

Lovely books, what a treat--wish I had a kinokuniya close enough to actually go to.

The first book is Simple Fall/Winter Sewing. The second is Simple Spring Sewing. The third is Handmade Hats and the fourth is Dress-Up Dress-Down.

You could probably sell the book with the duplicate pattern on Etsy or Ebay, that's what I do with the ones that aren't quite what I expected. And if you are just looking to recoup the money rather than make a profit, it should sell pretty quickly as the markup from other sellers is generally substantial. Have fun sewing!

muralimanohar said...

That's a great idea about eBay! I know *I* have paid outsize sums to get similar books myself, lol!

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