Monday, January 14, 2008

The Monkey King..

So a little boy wanted a baby monkey...we are huge fans of Hanuman, the Monkey King, around here.


You can't see the necklace one I added, too, but it's there. :p I embroidered the tilak on the face, and then made the jewellery using good, old fashioned, friendship bracelet knots (I used the style in the first picture.)

I wanted to make more decorations, but one, it was for a little boy, so I figured the simpler the better for survival; and two, I made the helmet out of felt, and it turned out looking like a yellow thimble on the top of his head. Really stupid. I quit while I was ahead. :p

It came out really cute, and I HOPE he liked it!!

(Oh, and I did NOT make the monkey itself....I had to retain SOME sanity over the Christmas season!!!!!)

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Anonymous said...

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