Thursday, January 03, 2008

One should always encourage a new sewer....

Maybe sewer isn't the right name...Sewist? Seamster? Needle-wielder?? Whatever...she wants to learn to sew, so lets make her LOVE to sew! :D

Her own personal little sewing kit:

My painting skills didn't impress myself as much as I hoped, but I hope they impressed her enough. :p Painted and then varnished. I just realized, I never took a pic of the awesome matching polka dots I did all over the sides!!! What's up with THAT!!?? Took me ages to do, too! Man..... I lined the inside with butterflies:

The matching needle book up close...I went and made it upside down by accident, cause I put the closure on the wrong side, and then went and reinforced the heck out of it, so that I really (reallyreally) couldn't be bothered with unpicking the whole thing all over again:

I am told she LOVED it, so good. I guess it was worth it. :D

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