Friday, January 18, 2008

B is for Beautiful...

Her name begins with B, and she is one of the most amazing, special people I "know" (she's an online friend), but she has so much trouble believing in her own amazingness.

She likes words, and morbidity, and kitsch, among a hugely eclectic other list of stuff.

I didn't take enough pics to show it properly, cause I was in a rush out the door. Dumb.

The covers are made from plywood, and then connected with a glued on strip of fabric lining them, connecting both covers, and forming a soft spine. I had this fabric I loved, black with white pinstripes woven through in a staccato fashion, making pindots on the reverse, that I thought was perfect.

The pages are a wild variety of recycled office papers that were salvaged from the bin next to the copy machine, various colored papers and cards, along with other things, and then images cut from a Sotheby's art catalogue, scattered randomly through. All very strange and random, and turned out very cool, I think. I used an industrial paper punch to punch the holes in the plywood (that was fun, lol), cause I couldn't find the drill; and then I tied the papers to the covers with a deep blue velvet ribbon. Was supposed to be black, but I ran out. Duh.

The front image is a result of hours in photoshop, and hours with an online dictionary. Muchas gracias to my SIL, who critiqued my image, and helped me figure out why my original one just wasn't working. :p Printed on photopaper, rather than plain paper, to give it a touch more class. :p

I loved the result, and I think she liked it, too. :)

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LimonVerde said...

This is just a perfect gift, the words aren't enough to describe it. I am sure she liked it too.

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