Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Living in the Past...

I have a friend, one of those online ones, that I've never actually met, but that I have known for years now...Her name is Chole. She is a reenactor, and has the coolest blog about it. Seriously.

Who knew living in a tent for a whole weekend could be so FUN??

Of course, it's not all living in tents. How nice does that look?? Sitting around on the beach, exactly the same as it would have been 150 years ago. I think that one was a pirate encampment or something.

Apparently, it's not ALWAYS peaceful...Really, Chole?? You guys set off cannons?? At WHO?? Just how realistic ARE these reenactments, anyway??

She even has the whole family involved. Not even reluctantly, from what I hear! :p

When she is not running all over the country participating in encampments, she is busy sewing the most amazing, authentic, detailed, down to the last detail costumes ever.

And learning new, arcane skills, like writing with feathers, how to cook in a Dutch oven, and learning how to lucet?? Or something. I dunno.

She also has tutorials for things like making a housewife, knife pleats, genuine stomacher stays, your own duct tape dummy...oh, and a butt to out-J. Lo J.Lo's. All hilarious to read.

You should jump over and have a peek...she has such a love for her passion that she gets YOU all enthusiastic, and ready to put a corset on and join her!!

Credits: All from Slightly Obsessed


Hoppo Bumpo said...

That is a very cool blog indeed - thanks for sharing the link ... I'm going to have a good read. In the meantime I have enjoyed the how-to on sewing a false bottom (LOL - like I need one of those!!)

Tonya said...

That dress is awesome! I am gonna go check out her blog, sounds SO interesting : )

I could use the J Lo butt, I have no rear end to speak of : (

Pherenike said...

It might be fun to wear that dress for a few hours, but then I think I might faint!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

That is a really cool blog - but oh my! That duck tape dummy! I am so going to do that!

Great link - thank you!

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