Thursday, March 06, 2008

Cherries and Fairies..

A few more little girly dresses...

I made this first one at Christmas, and somehow completely forgot to post it here! I actually made three, but since they all look the same, I will spare you. :p

Ottobre 1/2005 #19. I dropped the zipper, and made a kind of button loop closure at the back, instead. This is just the back, the only really interesting part. The front is just basic round neck tunic, and I am pretty sure I did something awfully wrong on the bottom flounces, but it still came out okay. The fabric is this voile, with even finer weave in between the flowers, so it comes off so delicate, but it's still relatively sturdy. The wings were made from this stiff, sheer green stuff, that had these plastic silver and clear dewdrops scattered in waves all over, and silver holographic bits stuck on as well. Very cool. I didn't have to do anything to stiffen them, except hem the edges, which gave them a little body. Then I gathered the middle (started out kind of like a rounded rectangle), and sewed them down. I hope they keep working.

This top was made from the same pattern as the fairy dress, but I left off the flounces, cut it down a little, altered the front into a crossfront, left off the back closure, obviously, and closed the inside panel the same as the little top here. I think that was it. And changed the arm and neck linings, of course.

Okay, this is the closest I am getting to the original pattern in the Factory Sewing post. :p Dropped all the petals, obviously; changed the zipper into the lapped shoulder, closed with self covered buttons (I love self covered buttons...esp on little girl clothes! :D ), dropped the neck lining, and just bound in bias binding. And the little pants are the same, I think. I can't remember if I did anything different than the pattern said, since I never read the instructions. For either of them. Oh, yeah, I added that green striped piping thing, too...dd swears it looks wrong, but I think it's so cute, and went ahead with it, anyway. :P

Still more coming..the pile looms as large as ever!!

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All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

You are so talented!! I look forward to the "more coming" :-)

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