Saturday, March 08, 2008

Three things...

As I made this latest batch, I was thanking the Lord for three things:

1. Sergers. One of the BIGGEST reasons I am being so prolific right now is because how easy and awesome it is to use a serger, and get it all down in record time! And it all looks so...FINISHED! lol

2. Rolled hem foot. I would say 80 percent of everything I am making here I am using that foot for. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I've never had one before, and OMG is it easy and professional looking!

3. The Interwebs. Without it, and the kindness of strangers who post tutorials for techniques I haven't tried before, I would have been left in tears, and feeling like a total flop and failure, as I stared at my limp, floppy, retarded looking shirring for the first time. Because if I just went by the instructions on the pattern, that is all I would have had. LUCKILY, I had read up on it ahead of time, and already knew that STEAM STEAM STEAM is the key to making it work! Who knew?? Not the people writing the instructions for the pattern, apparently!!

On to the clothes. The pink saturation is slowing down.

Finally a new pattern! Woohoo! lol Ottobre 2/2005 #2, Changed very slightly, for once. Just dropped half the tiers and made it a top instead of a dress, and added the little contrast piping.

Nothing new here. Same patterns as the other ones. I'm still not totally sure about how the stripes look, but it was the only fabric I had that looked remotely right. I love this fabric. I got it at Spotlight, on clearance, for mega cheap, and I swear it is some designer end roll or something. It is a MEGA soft linen, with a BEAUTIFUL drape, and the print looks very well done, too. I don't know what it is from, but I am mourning the fact that I am reaching the bottom of it! :(

Apparently my oldest niece is a girl after my own heart..her favorite colors are greens, oranges, and browns. What a refreshing change from the usual pink! :p

I am not totally sure whether this is too much, though...I don't know her well enough to know how adventurous she is in her style, lol. I HOPE she is, and will wear this!! Made from Simplicity Lizzie McGuire 5396, but with the sleeves cut down. The green is a crinkly one, with lines of some sort woven in, and then silver threads shot through; then I put red and white polka dot bias binding around the neck. *I* would wear it, if I liked bright lime greens; now just to see if *she* will, rofl!

A word about the pattern here...I usually HATE HATE HATE Big Three patterns with a mad passion, but the Lizzie McGuire range is surprisingly good. The patterns are simple to put together, the sizing comes out well, and the fashions are trendy enough for an image conscious ten year old. I do highly recommend them, if you are looking for that kind of a pattern. Except for the deplorable lack of detail in getting perfect shirring. :p

Same pattern as above. Fabric has lines of umm...for the life of me, I can't remember what it's called, but the lines of open weaving where you can see through. How's that for technical? :p


Lilli said...

I do not have a rolled hem foot! Hmm, I'll have to look into that. I'm all for making my life easier, esp in the craft area.

You've been busy, Girl! You're a sewing powerhouse :)

Today I'm sewing a curtain to go across our bathroom's lower shelves. There's a protruding part, which means I have to do this in three sections. I'm using a sheet, and trying to reconcile the size of the sheet with the need to provide fullness for the curtains. I always thought that by going into the Arts, I could escape math. No such luck!

McArt said...

Wow what great sewing...
You put me to shame!!
thanks for your question on my blog
I think the pattern is a simplicity pattern.
I have been thinking of you lately
who are the receipents of all this lovely work??

McArt said...

Hi Murali

your sewing is good!!
I want to be like you.
I haven't linked the blog
because it so amatuerish that I am ashamed of it!!
Spotlight for the fabric.



Elizabeth said...

So pretty! I really love the floral prints in particular.

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