Saturday, March 15, 2008

Final installation...

Okay, one last item for the 20's swap...I am already sooo late, that what's a little more, to make the package more appealing?? :eyeroll:

I have LOVED seeing other peoples' handcarved stamps, but was intimidated by it for sooo long. But then I discovered my friend, who happens to be the mom of my ds's best friend, is a ummm...I dunno what her official title would be, lol, but she does printmaking, of all sorts, the real kind, not little homemade stencils and stamps, lol. Anyway, she encouraged me to have a go at lino carving (she does BEAUTIFUL lino carving!), and gave me my first sample of lino to work with...would have lent me the carving set, too, but I had already screwed up the money and courage and bought myself one. So I had a try, and OMG, I LOVE doing it!! I am not an expert by a longshot, but the beauty of this stuff is it is BUILT for looking imperfect, and totally adds to the charm! Or so I tell myself, anyway, as I survey my latest creation. :p

The other reason I am so proud of it is that I totally freehanded the drawing out of memory, no referencing anything else, like I usually have to do, and it still came out exactly how I pictured in my head! (relatively, anyway :p ) Ignore the blotchy ink...apparently, my stamp pad is drying out...anyone know how to revive them? This one is practically shouldn't be that dead yet!


Gigi said...

omgoodness that stamp is fantastic!!!
& you hand carved the design?

McArt said...

wow that's great!! Beautiful.

Do you want to catch up week after next... swap some crafting ideas??

Cheers McArt

McArt said...

Have a look at my vintage cloche images on flickr they remind me of this stamp you can get some more inspiration

Liz said...

What a great stamp! I haven't done that since high school... By the way, the princess got his dress (and his tail) but I didn't make them. The dress was at a thrift store (for $1.00) and seemed to have his name on it, while the tail was in a box of hand-me-downs. He is the happiest princess around.

LimonVerde said...

Oh yea i love hand carved stamps too and i find it is sooo relaxing ncarving the gummi or the linol ;)
Your stamp is just fantastic.Don't stop doing it.

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