Friday, March 28, 2008

Opinions, please.....

Okay, I never had a chance to use a sling, since I was bone-broke when the kiddos were little, and I just couldn't bring myself to trust the oldfashioned sarong sling my friend swore by, so I am pretty much totally clueless when it comes to them! But I am promised for one sling for my sister and her hubby, and am consequently completely befuddled when I head on out into the virtual world to look for a good pattern!

I have always loved the concept of the Mei-tei, but I think it is more for an older baby, which won't be needed immediately.

The ring sling seems to be the most recommended one out of the informal poll I pinned my friends down with, but that giant piece of hippie cloth hanging down kind of clouds my judgment, lol. I KNOW it's nothing to do with hippies, but the first ring slings I saw with any regularity were made with vibrant, psychedelic tie-dye fabrics, and now they are indelibly linked in my brain, and there is nothing I can do about it, lol. Soooo......

...does anyone out there have any opinions one THEIR favorite sling for baby to grow with??

I will be making the sling gender neutral...not because I don't believe in gender typing innocent lil babies(since having both a boy AND a girl, the whole nature versus nurture theory has been tossed RIGHT out the window, lol!), but because dads can rock a sling just as much as a mama can! (Pun COMPLETELY intended! :p)

Mum and Bubs
and the credit for the hot daddy one goes to Madhouse Mauly, cause it's her dh, and she let me pinch the picture for my own nefarious use. :p

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donna said...

I got a sling when I had my second child and it was fantastic when he was a baby, can use it straight away. he is now one and use it to carry him on my hip. I have a bubba moe or a similar style is bubzilla. Instead of the ring it uses a clip and slide which can be adjusted easily. Check out the bubba moe website they have video tutorials on how to use it which might give you a better idea.

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