Thursday, March 06, 2008

Emerald green

While I was growing up, emerald green was my favorite green. I would dream of sinking into it, and being surrounded by the cool peace. As I have gotten older, it has morphed into a more dusty, muted green, and more yellow-y greens, like celadon, peridot, etc. But emerald has always held a place in my heart.

Then when I married my dh, he got the idea in his head that he wanted to buy me an emerald, with no prompting at all from me. That was 15 years ago, and he never got over it. This year, for a combined birthday/anniversary present (it's in 2 days...yikes!), he bought me my first emerald. And being the wonderful hubby that he is, he didn't buy me one of those conventional, clear, gold-set, square, boring ones. Nope. He bought me a wonderfully, hugely flawed one, so amazingly flawed that you would never guess it was an emerald, until you peer into it's depths and see the fire deep inside. And set in silver. I don't think you can get more perfect than that.


Lilli said...

Yay Emerald!!! How wonderful for you! Lucky that your dh cares so much :)

Liz said...


floresita said...

I really love uncommon rings, too - I hate the really glitzy, shiny, boring ones - and I especially love your beautiful ring - your husband has wonderful taste!!!

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