Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Okay, if I had *known*...

If I had *known* how freaking cute this was going to turn out, I would have made something else to finish out my swap package, and kept this little thing to MYSELF!!!!!

It's the FINAL addition to my 1920's swap...I KNOW I said the stamp was the final installation, but I still didn't feel right, so I came up with this ADORABLE, even if I do say so MYSELF, little purse, just big enough to stash some money, your keys, and your cell. And maybe a little lipstick. :p

I made it with this vinyl or something lined cotton, I think it's curtain material, that had been some kind of test pattern for a friend, which she passed off to me in a huge bag of fabrics and failed WIPS, that I have been picking off of for awhile now. :p The white is the color of the fabric, a kind of creamy off-white, and the red and black are fabric inks for screenprinting, that I LOVE. The saturation and coverage of them kick ass over fabric paints or acrylics mixed with mediums.

The piping and the strap are made with a microfibre fabric (check it out...I've been living over here so long, I am spelling things wrong, aka the other way!! :p), that, while they looked perfect, were just a pain in the bum to work with. All slippery and stuff. From one side of the strap to the other, on the top, there is a red zipper inset. Under the strap, around the bottom, is the original white. It's about 3/4" deep. The back is the same white stuff, painted completely, since I couldn't find a single matching red in my whole stash. And then I attempted polka dots, to match the hat. Let's just say, after about the first inch, I got really over polka dots, and they got reaaallly sloppy. :p

For the lining, I happened to find the perfect print, that looked like something you would find in a parlor in the '20's or '30's, with red and black on a creamy white background! I was thrilled, cause this particular print has been worrying me, since I haven't been able to match it with a single idea or or other fabric in my stash, and I wasn't sure if it was going to end up one of those ones you keep for 20 years, and never quite find a use for (yeah, okay, so I was premature...I only bought it a couple months ago. :P )

I admit, I had had this button in my mind when I drew the picture for the little purse. If you are the designer for this little sweetie, come out come out for your credit!

I already have another idea for another similar purse, and my dd has ordered 2 of them, lol, so I hope I'll have those up soon, too!

One thing I would change, though, I would remember to line them with a stiff interfacing. The original fabric was quite firm, but it still could have used a little more body, ykwim??

This package for my partner has FINALLY been mailed off, and it is SUCH a weight off my shoulders!!! The crushing feeling of undone obligations is KILLING!! :D

Oh, and note to all future potential swap you can see, I have never actually COMPLETELY flaked on a swap yet! rofl. No seriously, up until this one time, I have participated in quite a few swaps, and done just fine...I promise you will be fine, too! :insert big cheesy grin:


Elizabeth said...

I LOVE this bag (and would also have been tempted to keep it for myself)!

Meggy said...

What an adorable bag. You are so clever I love it. I seriously think you should do something commercial with it. :)

Liz said...

Very cool. I love it too. Though I'm more of a backpack kinda girl...

Val said...

Now that is SUPER cute! Great job!


Jodie said...

Oh I would definately have kept it for myself . It is awesome !!!

Christina said...

That is so so insanely cute! You must sell those! I use to work at a really really high end (crazy expensive) antique store in Walnut Creek CA; anyways, she had this amazing 1920's flapper girl purse that was very reminiscent of your amazing creation. Oh, and I'm Cece by the way from Just discovered your blog...lovely!

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