Thursday, December 11, 2008


Okay, normally I don't do sneak peeks of future creations, but I loved the look of this collection for my BT4 swap items, which are currently speedily winging their way to England, just a tad behind schedule. :p

My partner, Pauline of Pog and Em, on the other hand, sent right on schedule, and lookie my bundle of goodies she sent me! :D She's a yarn artist, and therefore, I got: A knitted flower washcloth thing (which just boggles my mind trying to figure out how petals would be made. :p ), which came with Body Shop coconut scented bath products, which I just luuuurve; a little crocheted coin purse, in a really cute kind of scalloped kind of stitch, with a little ceramic dangle bead as a zipper pull, totally adorable, and containing a little sparkly bracelet in my colors of smokey grey and topaz, so pretty; a jug cover, with bead dangles, just perfect for the arrival of summer, and random junks of drinks and stuff, to keep the bugs out; and then some random goodies, including a book on flower arrangements, some scrapping papers, some stickers, and a cute little pen, which I know dd is going to try swipe, as soon as she becomes aware of it. :p

All in all, quite an anxiety inducing bundle!! :D Thank you, Pauline, for a great swap experience! :d

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CurlyPops said...

I love the jug cover with the dangly beads. That would be so pretty on the table at a BBQ.

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